This year, the Room 12 DeClairers are learning the true meaning of Web 2! Their goal is to set up their first online 'Learning Network'

Watch our discussion to each other on "Super12Scribes"...
We are keen to invite new members from around the world who can take time to give us feedback about our learning...

Find out what our musical classmates have been up to...

In Room 12, we are learning to... Post "Blogs" that keep our readers on the world wide web up to date with what we are up to...
Read Our First Class run blog here...ripples.png
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We are learning to express our ideas and thoughts through poetry with Mr Pearce.

We have been learning to podcast... podcast_cycle.png =


As writers, we are exploring a cycle...


One day, local Writer, Raymond Huber visited us at school. We are hoping to read his book "Sting" during "Read 'n' Feed' time! Raymond gave us some great ideas to think about!

Raymond Huber’s advice to writers:
Three tricks to start a story:

1. A list of random words.
2. First sentence introducing person, place and problem e.g. “Where was Papa going with the axe?”
3. A character saying something e.g. “Get out! This is my alley.”

Think of favourite animals then write as if you were the animal.