As I pulled the gloves on. I thought, "this is going to be awesome!" I chose a large round squishy, soft bun. I opened it up and put on some tomato slices.
The eat patties were small but tasty. I laid it on top of the tomato and then covered it with crunchy, cold lettuce. I sprinkled the cheese on like snowflakes falling to the ground and squirted BBQ sauce over the top like lava dripping off the snow. To finish off, I closed the lid of the bun and sealed the yummy ingredients inside.


Some musicians were entertaining me. Their leader was very bright and looked like a really cool guy. His skin was like my dog’s fur his hair looks like monkey hair and looked like he likes to play music

By Sam S



Art or not?

Flash or



Terrible or


Kill the hydra

the hydra is a whole lot of snakes and their
fear is fire. And Hercules snapped a
piece of wood off the tree and crept up
to the hydra and tried to kill it by setting
up a trap of leaves. and when he cut
one of the heads off two more came
up and they cut the heads and shoved flaming arrows in its throat.


I am going to Disneyland in two weeks in la I am going to go on a bus tower
And on the bus tower I will be going to see all of the famous people.