The Undy 500
On Friday, there was the Undy 500. There were heaps of cool cars. The cars drove from Christchurch to Dunedin and back again. There were cops as far as Invercargill. This year, they did not use batons, they used pepper spray. There were over eighty arrests in Dunedin on Friday. The Undy 500 celebration lasted for two days. I saw an article in the ODT. The students had said it would be a charity run. They gave 1000 cans of food to a local food bank. There may not be another Undy 500 again because the trouble they caused.

War cooltext433071822.gifsound like men getting blown up. Moves like a kangaroo jumping across the road.
Smells like a dead possum rotting away.
It looks like hindenberg falling out of the sky. By Quinn.
On Sunday I went to laser force. I went with Covin Riley Caleb dad and me. First we played bowling and I got A strike. And then we played miny golf. I got hit in the leg it hurt. And then we played laser force I got first in our team. And then we went home and that was A cool day.


My uncle does the stinkiest blow offs but I still love him. I don’t see him much because he lives in Auckland. He is training to be A policeman. However He likes to play rugby. When he is down he watches us cricket and rugby . He likes the all blacks. That’s it for now.