In the weekend I went to my friends place her name is Taylor and she and me haven’t seen each other in four years and when I came back from the playground she was at my house I was so happy to see her so we decided to ask if I could go to her house and our mums said yes we were so happy.
And then we went home to tayla’s place in outram it was so fun because when we got home dinner and then we wanted to know if we could stay in the lounge and Stacey said yes we were so happy she said yes
Then we got to have a bath each it was so warm and then we went out to the chicken coop to see if there were any eggs but there were no eggs so we went to see the horses and she has six horses we can only ride them when its light not dark and then we played sing star and went to sleep the next morning we went strait out and we brushed the horses and we ride them out to the air port and back it was so fun the end
My toes have shiny dazzling toenails
I have huge bumpy legs
My lovely brown wood is like clothes
My rough hands droop down beside me
And last there is my blossom hair