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The strangers that bought us chocolate
Beep beep!” honked my grandad. “Oh, there’s our ride!” I cried to Ashleigh. “Have we got everything?” “Bye!” I shouted to Scott. “See ya!” Scott shouted back. Now there’s one thing you should know, my grandad drives a shuttle, which is a BIG van, which takes people to the airport and back. We pulled the door open and hopped in. there were three people sitting on the seats. “Hello dear!” one of them laughed. “Hi kids, we just need to stop at the warehouse!” my grandad told us .we climbed in and sat down beside a teenager named Tess. “Now which warehouse will be open sir?” Tess called to my grandad. “Just this one here!” my grandad replied. “Alright Maddy, you, Luka and Ashleigh can take them in, and show them to what they need” so we all jumped out of the shuttle and started walking towards the warehouse. When we stepped in, we shivered delightedly in the warmth. “Excuse me, what do you need?” I asked them. “Man pants and a big hoodie” Tess whined. Tess found the stuff she needed and took it up to the counter. “Do you want a choccie bar kids?” Tess’s mum asked. “Yes please” we all answered. Ashleigh and me went for the cheap little ones; Luka on the other hand went for a big expensive packet of m&ms! “Luka!” I hissed. “No its all right dear” Tess’s mum quietly told Luka. So we bought our “choccie bars” and went back to the shuttle. “Next stop, library!” my grandad shouted. When we got to the library it seemed like it had been a million years! We jumped out of the shuttle, with our bag of pranks and ran up the stairs, as fast as our legs could carry us! We walked in and went straight to the lift. We pushed the button hoping there would be people in there. The lift opened. Oh no!
We stepped in and rode up to the top floor, still hoping, lift opens, no one! We got out of the lift and ran down the stairs. “Now, lets get some vampire books!” Ashleigh cried, with a metre wide grin. We asked the librarian where the vampire books were. “Just over here” the librarian replied. “Thank you, we shouted behind us. We got on the computers. Almost a second after we sat down another librarian came over to us. “Sorry, but we’re closing now” “uh oh!” I cried, desperately hoping my grandad would be there. We walked out of the library and the doors shut behind us. We checked the car park. “No grandad!” I shouted. Soon after grandad came, we got ice creams and then we went home safe and happy .we started playing tag in the dark. But that’s another story. Lets just say Ashleigh and Luka broke my eardrums.


The reason I put this War poem on is because it is very touching and makes you realize how bad war really is!

Get a Voki now!


I was leaning back into my doom. “Ok now put your right foot on that ledge”. It was so hard! My feet were glued onto the mat.

“Ok now straighten your legs”. Now came the tricky part... “Put your feet flat on the bit where there are no ledges.”

“How does he expect me to do that?” I muttered under my breath. Yells of encouragement came from underneath me. I lifted my hand to give the thumbs up but that was a fatal mistake, I fell down, down, down into the water because my harness came unclipped. Ok I made up that part but oh well. So I was nearly at the bottom.

“Only one more step to go…” I was on solid ground! I looked ahead of me and gulped. Now I had to traverse to the other side! I got clipped on to the rope with my caribeener. I pulled myself and then I felt something wet on my foot. I was touching water! I reached down and touched the water with my hand. I pulled myself to the end, Ms Buist unclipped me and I ran up the hill, eager to get back to camp.

The reason I put this story on is to remember my exciting experience at camp Iona!!!