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My Absract
My Anti-War Poster

Hi my name is Kea and this is my page. Click on the links below to read my writing and don't forget to leave feedback!!!

  • Here is my first ever fable . It is about the girl who cried murderer!
  • A few people at St. clair co-wrote a story with children from Bangkadesh and America. Click HERE to check it out
  • Here is my description about an Alien from Akron!
  • My Kauri Tree Poem!
  • My Self Portrait poem is really desripctive
  • Here is the start of my Sea Story that my Nayland Primary buddy is going to finish.
  • This is my War Poem that I wrote when Mr Pearce was here
  • Here is my Little Miss Muffet story. We were taking a poem and writing a paragraph for each line.
  • This is my first poem 'In the Morning'.
  • Check out my story 'The Diving Board'. I was learning to extend my writing.
  • Click here to see my story 'The Rock Wall' I was learning to describe how I was feeling by using similes and metaphors.