Stick to your guns
Well this story is about this boy called Ben
Every time people tell him to stop it and he has to.
But one day some one mean told him some thing bad bat he said no and his mum sad stick to your guns and he did it for the rest of his life.
A Kalid hassan production

Dare to be

When a new day begins dare to smile gratefully.
When there is darkness dare to be the to shine.
When love hurts you dare to help them heal.
When something seems difficult dare to be thought.

The walk in the woods

It was a hot day mum made some sandwiches and dad made some tea.
He put in a flask and Sam got some tins of coke.
Tom put the cakes in a big tin lee put the apple in a bag and they all set off in the car.
They drove to the woods at beamish they went for a walk in the woods


A rimu has a long neck
Even longer than my neck.
But you should see its body
Its body is twice its size.
Its huge but it has lots of leaves.
And it can be 50m high.

use full stops and capital letters and paln a plot before write.

My head is like thunder hitting three times a minute.
My arms are like they are slapping me and telling me to wake up.
My family is awesome.
My heart is so hard it can beats and eats.
My heart holds two angry soldiers that are golden red.
As life in a cave and eats my mum’s favourite chocolate cake.