Once they was a boy called Sam, who was very bored, so his Mum said that he could go to Moana pool. After Sam got to the pool and got changed he jumped in, After a while Sam got bored of the water rapids and didn’t know what to do. Suddenly he had an idea; all of a sudden he started thrashing and squirming, “help!” “I’m drowning!” He shouted. All of the lifeguards rushed to help him. “I’m just kidding” said Sam. Soon Sam did it again and again. The lifeguards were getting sick of Sam; they weren’t going to fall for it again. Sam suddenly saw his friend, Toby “come to the deep end Sam” said Toby “ok.” They went to the deep end. Suddenly the waves went on. The water went over Sam. He started losing breath, and then he closed his eyes… He opened them up coughing. Lifeguards were looking over him, he had such a fright, “I’m never going to fake drown again,” gasped Sam!