The Unexpected Guest

The door opened and everyone stopped and stared. It was the alien from Akron. He seemed like a fluorescent green cotton ball, He was very fluffy and unbelievably cute. His three eyes scanned the room as if he was looking for something. He had no ears but he had two small antennae that seemed like they sent signals through the air. His mouth was twitching and he suddenly blurted out something that sounded pretty random in some made-up language. When the alien talked you could see his purple snake like tongue.
As the alien moved round the room on his two black, short, stumpy legs. He started franticly waving his short arms and was making some sort of droning noise that sounded like ‘Ernie’. As if he wasn’t there everyone just turned around and carrying on with what they were doing. Ernie moved swiftly and looked like he floated on air. First he arrived a the food table covered in delicious food like sushi, Belgium chocolate and smoked salmon sandwiches but instead of eating them he jumped into the rubbish bin and ate all of the scraps- He ate a heap!
He made his way up onto the stage and he smiled, when he smiled he bared his sharp, white fangs. Although Ernie was small and very cute we was in a way very scary looking. All of a sudden there was a loud ‘boom’ and the whole room was covered in dark mist. When the mist had faded away Ernie was not there! He had disappeared, disappeared without a trace.