The Motor Bike Ride
I woke up one morning. Dad rushed into my bedroom “wake up! Wake up! Come on! We have to go! We have to go!’

“Where?” I asked.
“Come on, there’s no time to talk! We’re leaving!” So I did what dad said and leaped out of bed and got dressed brushed my teeth and put my shoes on. Then we got in the car and went to my nanna’s house. It was quite hot in the car.
Once we got there, my nanna was all excited to see us. I must admit I was quite excited too.
Then my uncle came out and got the motorbikes out of the garage. I said to my uncle, “where are we going?”
“You will find out soon - once we get going. I stared guessing in my head. I was determined to know where we were going!
“Oh well, I’ll just have to wait,” I tried to tell myself. Once my uncle got the motorbikes out we were on a roll. Up the big dirt road, round the big bend and through the water, “splash” up the big slippery muddy hill. Then my Dad stopped and got off.
“I’ll just have to check water level,” he said “it’s all right,” he said. “I just thought it looked a bit deep to drive through on a motorbike but try and go quite fast through it, so you don’t conk out in the icy cold water!”

Yes that’s me
The one that’s lived for decades and decades
I am higher than any of you giants can imagine
Bigger than any other tree in the universe
My bark is getting older and crustier everyday I wake up from a long, long sleep in this tree village
Some times I wish I could go from tall and crusty to old small and young
But since you can’t do that I’ll just have to stay the way I am
Old and Crusty

One day there was a spotty spot fish that spotty spot fish had one huge spot on him that no other Fish had. He was really found of his biggest spot. But one day when he went for a swim in the coral reef park all of a sadden the water started too darker and darker until he could no longer see. But when the dark water went away he looked on his back and saw that his biggest spot had gone. He swam back to his weed house and started to think off ideas to get his spot back then he had an idea. His idea was to make his back yard dark so he did that then he stood in the dark mud and before you could blink his spot was back then he was so happy he went to finish his swim in the park .then he had a happy live.

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