I wrote this story because then you can draw slime!
The Wedding
Today was like any other day except there was a wedding on at the Grate Hall. But two aliens were late. “slam” went the door. Everyone started staring at the aliens that were late. They look at the taller one, as it was bigger than the other one. He had two thick toes, he had skin like slime underground, sharp claws as sharp as a knife, a big blue shirt that was too big for him and a curly, orange lolliepop that tasted like Ancient Fanta (Ancient Fanta is the best flavour lolliepop at Akron). His head was shaped like a onion, his ears were like cat ears and below his ears were some more ears looking like sirens, his mouth was all messy and one of his eyes was shaped as a box and the other shaped as a golf ball. While he was walking to a seat you could see his tail swishing frantically because he looked pasty.
“Sorry I’m late” said Slime and led his best friend Fanta to a seat and started walking up the narrow stairs. Everyone realised that slime was the guest of honour.

My learning intentions are to use speech marks correctly.

Here is my Camp Iona story!

I was racing out with excitement. The pond looked clean and beautiful. I quickly sprinted to see the rest of my group. It was hard to concentrate with all of my excitement. I realise that I was doing sailing first. So I then went to get my wetsuit on. The changing rooms were garden sheds. To my amazement it wasn’t what I expected. It was kind of big and it had hooks and benches that we could use. I then went to do Sailing with my group. I was one of the last people to get a boat, which I share with Ashleigh.

After that we made boats to do the boat challenge. Mine had one rock at each side (Left and Right) and had three sticks at the bottom of my boat.

Finally we did Kayaking. It was really fun when were doing races. Then we got free time to do what ever we wanted to do. We could do sailing or Kayaking. I did Sailing with Quinn and then Ashleigh.

The people doing Kayaking were walking across their canoes. When our free time was finish we walked to the river. When we got there we then tested the deepest of the water to see if it was too deep or not. But I didn’t go into the water I did the boat challenge. I though that my boat would lose. But suddenly my boat started to get ahead but it didn’t get in front it was Jasmine’s really cool boat. But I didn’t care because my one came 3rd.

Then I started making Damper. It was one of the first perfect one made. We then had yummy marshmallows on a stick. After that we walked back to the bus to go back to Camp Iona for the rest of our activities.
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