On Saturday the 12th of September me my mum and dad all went in the car and drove to Alexandra. We went there because my dad was doing a bike race there. We started driving “we’re on our way” dad says and he was right we were on our way.

About 20 minutes later we passed Milton then Lawrence. After about 2 hours we were finally there in Alexandra dad was so excited. We stopped at KFC for lunch it was delicious and we went looking and we bought some things.

At about 2.00 we went to our motel. It was called Alexandra garden motel. We stayed at the motel until tea and then we went out for tea. The next day dad did his bike ride then we went home it was a great time in Alexandra but it was great to go home.


It was a dark and stormy night at sea. The waves were as high as the Auckland sky tower and at that moment when they crashed upon the sand a baby octopus was born. His mum and dad were very proud. So proud they decided to name him Pip. For the octopus pip means king of the sea.

They started cheering and laughing but all of a sudden Pips big brother Peter said,” can’t you see that he only has 7 tentacles”. Mum and dad looked down dad counted Pips tentacles Dad says, ”You were right he does only have 7 tentacles”. A couple of

months later Pip was 2 months old now and he was getting quiet big now and he actually made a friend called Flounder. Flounder was a blue tail yellow body fish. They always played together they were stuck together like glue and Flounder didn’t even care that Pip only had 7 tentaclescooltext434819825.gif

My mouth is as red as a big ball of fire. My arms are long like the Auckland sky tower. My ponytails are like a lock of hair from a galloping horse. My face is a reflection of me looking at me in a mirror. My heart holds calmness that is sky blue as the wide blue sea. I live on a mountain and eat the watery snow. By Autumn
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