_Ashleighs_awesome_page.png A Pikelet Disaster!

“ Next, the flour, ” I called to Hannah at the pantry.
“ Whatever! ’’ she called back. She walked up to the bench and plonked a bag of flour down. “ What next?’’ she asked .
“ Baking powder ” I replied. She pulled it out of the pantry and put it on the bench. After, we mixed everything together. We took the butter out of the fridge, put some of it in the pan and watched it melt away.
“Ready?” I shouted, forgetting Mum and John were asleep. I took the spoon and shoved it into the mixture and tipped it on to the pan.
“ Next,’’ I cried, trying to distract Hannah from La la land . “ Go!’’ I said trying to push her along while trying to turn over a pikelet.
“ What? What?’’ she moaned.
“The pikelets! Remember?” I replied. We had finished cooking and Mum and John got up just in time. We sat the plate on the table that had a mountain of pikelets on it.
“Okay… dig in!” I snapped watching Hannah stuff one in to her mouth disgracefully. “ Oh Hannah” I moaned at her
“ What?” she said with her mouth stuffed with food. Mum took one to see if it was all right .
“ What are they like?” I asked. Mum didn’t answer. But instead her face went as red as a tomato. “ Ok that’s not a good sign.” I muttered under my breath.
John started patting Mum on the back. And ran to get her a glass of water .
“Gulp ,Gulp,” the water went down fast .
“ To the bin” I said sarcastically.
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We reached the instructors at the bottom of the hill. They gave us our harness. I needed a little bit of help to put it on. When everybody was ready to go, Matt gave us our helmets. Then we started on our walk. I looked around and saw nothing but greenary. I looked a little bit further and saw a tiny bit of a river down below. It was as blue as the big blue sky .

"Whoa!" I almost slipped. I got back up my hands were all muddy like a tiger's paw. The rest of the kids were way ahead. I had to run to catch up.

Eventually I did catch up. "Are you ok?" Dave asked

"Yup," I mumbled. I slid down the little hill. I saw some people crossing the river.

“Oh no," I muttered under my breath. "This is going to be cold. Actually, not cold FREEZING!" I thought as I stepped into the water. I took another step and then another step. I got to the end and thought, "that was hard!"

But that was only the start …

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