I am learning to use speech marks correctly.


One day I went out to tirowa head to go on the
Argos. We hoped in the car and drove off we
Were about half way there and I felt carsick.

So we stoped to go to alanicks castle we got
Out and walked around then we went in side.
And walked up all the steps then we went
Up to the look out we could see all the
People walking round in the gardens. Then
We hoped back in the car and drove to
My friend loyds.

And we nocked on the
Door all we could heir his dog barking
And barking. Then we walked down
Theses steps to the road and we walked to
This fair. That they had there were heaps of
Kids playing in the playground. Then we walked
Around but we couldn’t see them so we walked
Back to the car and drove out to tirowa head.

When we got there were only tow spots
Left just enough for us because mum didn’t want
To go. Before we left we had a drink and some
Chips then the lady called out and we got our
Coats on and hoped on an agro. Then the person
Took of dad and the driver were talking the
Hole time we went to a penguin hide. But we
Couldn’t see any. Then we drove up to this high
Place and looked out over the harbour. Then we went back and drove home…

I like how I wrote more than I usually do.
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