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I have noodles up my nose
There are noodles on my cheeks
And chin and dripping down my clothes.
I have more upon my forehead some are sticking to my neck.
It’s completely disconcerting.
I’m a noodle covered wreack.
I can see them on my knee caps.
And I know they’re In my shoes.
When I stand there somewhat squishy

I am learning to put speech marks and paragraphs in my writing.


On Sunday 20th of September I did a gym competition I was so excited
My scores were:
Floor: 13.4
Bar: don’t no
Beam: 10.157
Vault: 13.4
When it was prize giving the man shouted 3ed place D.G.C
That was us we got onto the 3ed step we got our certificates and
Metals. Then he shouted 2ed place Balaclutha and last but not least
1st place st Bernadette’s.
When we left the floor I felt so proud my first metal.

i put this poem on my page because it is my best piece.

I am a silver fern swaying in the wind.

I am as soft as mouse fur.

I am the colour green like muddy grass on a stormy night.

I am as light as a feather on a hot sunny day.

I have lived over a hundred years.

I have to stay away from the wind so I don’t leave home.

My friends are the native birds and beautiful trees.

I was flying on an airplane all the way to Napier. I was so happy because behind me a boy was kicking my seat the whole way to Napier.
We saw Mike and hopped in the car. “Vroom,” we were away.

We got to the house and, then a couple of hours , children arrived for mothers’ group. I met three friends called Jorge, Charlotte and Emma. They are now my best friends.

We all walked up the hill right to the top. I was complaining mum said, “Alex I don’t want to know.” Finally, we got to the top!

I was excited after that. I had been forward to the next bit.

“The fun part is we get to run down the hill” screamed Dad.
Then dad s.

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